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Flea IGRs

Insect Growth Regulators For Fleas

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Flea Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)

Perhaps they are the safest control products known to man at this point in time. Flea IGRs are not pesticides. They are not insecticides either for the simple reason that if you use the pest control products against adult fleas, they will prove to be absolutely useless. Flea IGRs become odorless once dry so they are perfectly safe for family households.

List of Highly Recommended Flea IGRs

Flea IGR For Effective Flea Management

A couple of years ago, flea IGRs were restricted for the use of professional exterminators only because it was not clear whether the products were safe enough for homeowners to use. These days, the products are available everywhere although there is something you should know. Flea IGRs are highly professional products. Before use, it is recommended to read the product label and directions carefully for appropriate control measures. Professional products do come with guideline and safety precautions. We strongly suggest to go over these important steps before initial application.

How To Use Flea IGRs

Flea IGRs are odorless pest control products which allow them to be suitable for use almost any environment. In general, for the best results, flea IGRs should be positioned close to where your pets spend most of their time. This would be in your pet's bedding area. Primarily, this would be the ideal target location to apply Flea IGR and to have immediate results. Alternatively you can also choose to use the flea IGRs on your rugs as well as the carpets in your home. Remember Flea IGRs do not kill on contact but will definitely control the growth of your flea infestation. Rely on Flea IGRs to get the job done and get rid of fleas like a professional.